Work principle of electric cars

Electric sports cars

Electric sports cars

Electric car has come up as a very popular preference these days as it is eco-friendly and more efficient than traditional cars. There will be a time when the gas cars will become history and more people will prefer the electric cars instead. Despite its popularity, very few people actually know how electric cars work. The main difference between an electric car and a gasoline car is the way it operates. The power source of an electric car is very different from an gasoline car.

Need of Electric Sports Car

The electric sports car is being produced these days in bulk so that the nature lovers do not come up as a burden on the environment. The demand of these cars is also very high as there are different models of it, which have been launched. The sports car fans find it very difficult to bear the expenses of the ever-increasing fuel prices, and so, the electric sport car comes up as a relief to them.

Everything about Electric Car Charging System

The electric car charging system is also very easy, and one does not have to go to a gas station. You can plug the car to an electric socket and charge it. There are solar power electric cars too which are charged with the help of solar cells. The easy charging technique has made many people prefer them to the gasoline cars. You do not have to look for a gas station to refill. Besides, the increasing rates of the gas and fuel have made the electric cars cheaper in the end.

The only drawback of this car is that it is a little costly as compared to the usual cars and a very few people can afford them. However, cost effective electric cars will soon be available for people so that the burden on the natural resources is lessened and the pollution caused by the gasoline cars is reduced. It is believed that, by the end of 2014 electric cars are going to be a lot popular than they are now. There will be several types of electric cars available, which will give the people an option to choose from depending on their budget.

How do electric cars work?

The electric cars run on DC and AC motors and there are rechargeable batteries, which are the main energy source for the car. The AC and DC electric motor of the car is just like a compressor or a fan. The rechargeable batteries provide the energy to the DC motor and the motion of wheels is carried out by them. The AC or DC controller mechanism feeds the power to the car instead of directly feeding it. The speed of an electric car is controlled by the controller device in the car and the amount of power to be delivered is determined by that. The DC controller determines the speed of the car because it is connected to the potentiometers, which is directly connected to the accelerator pedal. 

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