Why Hybrid Electric Car Sales Are Dropping?

The hybrid electric cars are facing a downfall in their sales during this year. This is due to various reasons and competitions from different car manufacturers. Most of the electric cars are not receiving proper incentives that were offered to them few years back and the gas price is also one of the major reasons for reduced sales. Even though there are big discounts provided for these vehicles, the sales have been dropping slowly. Some of the people completely ignore the hybrid electric cars and select sport utility or crossover models. A special pilot project was conducted in Los Angeles that saw increase in the electric cars rebates for those who have low income and the same was reduced for the higher buyers.
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Automakers such as Honda have been planning to stop the production of their best-selling hybrid models such as Civic. The introduction of new fuel vehicles has also affected the sales of these hybrid electric cars. According to a study, out of 250 models about ten percent of them look for alternative fuel engine vehicles. Honda is ready to launch a new hybrid model next year, but it has already stopped the production of present hybrid vehicle just like other manufacturers. In some places, the hybrid electric cars are charged only at particular place which is one of the main reasons that is considered by people while purchasing the hybrid models. By setting up charging stations in different places and making it easily accessible just like fuel stations can provide a great support in increasing the electric car sales.
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Other major disadvantage for the drop in sale of these hybrid electric cars is their prices and present battery technology. The electric cars must feature a comparable price tag to the gasoline vehicles and they must also feature better batteries that will automatically reduce the cost of the vehicle. In U.S. the people have been selling their old hybrid vehicles to purchase new SUVs and this has been increasing from year to year. Even though the sales of hybrid electric cars seeing a drop, the automakers have been building new electric vehicles along with new technologies. The hybrid and electric models that were available for sale during this year were able to attract consumers in very less numbers. This has made most of the automakers to face low sales in their hybrid electric car section.
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Both hybrid and electric model sales were increased by around 25 percent last year in U.S. About 22 percent people have already sold their hybrid and electric models to purchase other gas alternatives this year which is more than 18.8 percent high when compared to last year, a study suggests. The hybrid electric cars are available with both electric motors and gasoline engines that can increase the fuel economy and it is also known to consume almost fifty percent less fuel when compared to the normal gas engines. People want to buy the hybrid electric cars mainly because of its fuel economy and the incentives that are offered by the government while purchasing them.

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  1. Jared Price

    Aug 28. 2015

    I wonder how much of this unwillingness is a result of the consumer’s preference toward waiting until an all-electric consumer option is available. Hybrids are quite expensive, and they’re just a way-station on the path to fully electric vehicles.

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