Why Cold Weather Affect Gas Electric Hybrid Cars?

Most of the people have lot of questions about hybrid cars and one of the main concerns is its performance during cold weather. The gas electric hybrid cars are available with electric motors and gasoline engines that are capable of producing high fuel economy. Driving any car in cold weather can be difficult as it can make vehicle hard to start. But the gas electric hybrid cars also face similar problems in the present day as well. The vehicle needs little more fuel than the normal days during cold weather and this is due to various reasons. During cold weather the gas will become thick which makes it hard to combine along with intake air to provide air-fuel mixture which is required for the internal combustion engine.
gas electric hybrid cars
The gas is also known to be less powerful during the cold season that makes the vehicle to consume it more. Even though the gas electric hybrid cars are known to work though electric motors, they can run only with minimal speed and to drive the vehicle fast it needs gasoline engine. The gas electric hybrid cars don’t use the gasoline engine very often as it normally runs with the electric motors, so can consume more time to warm up. This is one of the main reasons for the less fuel economy in the hybrid models. In places where there are regular snow fall, some of the drivers will use the snow tires that will be heavier along with higher rolling resistance when compared to other normal tires. This can also consume more gas than driving with low-rolling-resistance car tires.
gas electric hybrid cars
Most of the time the snow can easily build up over the exterior of the hybrid cars that will make it difficult for the air to pass into the engine and it can reduce the fuel efficiency of the vehicle easily. The gas electric hybrid cars also have lower stance and low ground clearance that makes it tougher while traveling into the thick snow areas. The hybrid cars in the present day are available with lot of advanced technologies and some of them have been specially designed to perform well in cold weather. The hybrid cars feature traction control that can take care of wheel spin while driving in the snow and the driver can easily stay away from slipping.
gas electric hybrid cars
But following few simple things you will be able to make the gas electric hybrid cars to perform better during cold season. Keep the interior of the vehicle always clean and don’t carry heavy luggage while traveling as it can affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Maintain air pressure of the tires in correct level which is very important during cold weather as the tires can get under-inflated that can increase the rolling resistance of your car making it difficult to move consuming lot of gas. The fluid levels will become low that must be taken care mainly windshield wiper fluid, so check them before taking the vehicle. Also get some practice to drive the gas electric hybrid cars in cold weather.

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