What’s The Cost To Charge A Hybrid Car?

Cost To Charge A Hybrid Car

Cost To Charge A Hybrid Car

Doing the math about charging a hybrid car costs is a very smart information

When you are planning to buy a hybrid car you are maybe making a very crucial decision. So, it is good that you can have sufficient information about your vehicle performance as well other important technical details and features in this car. Maybe the most important thing you should know about hybrid cars is the cost to charge it. If you have a number in your hands, you can answer all the questions about monthly costs and whether is suitable or convenient for you buying a hybrid car or no.

How to calculate charging cost of a hybrid car

There are more than a few ways you can determine the hybrid car charging cost. We cannot start this challenge comparing your hybrid car with a gas car because you are going to contaminate this test.  What you can do to calculate the charging cost is determine the electricity kilowatt-hour and estimate the distance your hybrid car is going to run. For instance, if you say that your electricity costs is about .85 cents per kilowatt-hour, you can have useful information to determine the cost to charge a hybrid car. All hybrid cars have a mileage instrument that can help you measure the distance ran. The total amount of energy that your battery requires to get full is the first parameter you should use to know that important information. 

For example, General Motors estimates that, Chery Volt can go up to full 40-mile (64.4-kilometer) charging using house current will cost only 80 cents. Yes, it is true only 80 cents. There is more, Hymotion estimates that the plug-in Prius, will cost even less like about 50 cents per 40-mile (64.4-kilometer) with a recharge. Also, GM tells the Chery Volt can go 100 miles (approximately 160.9 kilometers) for only $2.75 worth of electricity, that means 3 cents per mile.3 cent per mile is really very little cost to think about. Of course this is going to change according to how much your local power company charges for electricity and it will also vary, whether you charge at peak hours or not, but as you can see, it will much cheaper than gas would cost for  the same distance. GM again estimates the annual charging cost of  a Volt driven for 15,000 miles (24,140 kilometers) per year. Without ever exceeding the battery-only range will consume about $300 worth of electricity annually. If we compare a car with an internal combustion engine that consumes average 30 miles per gallon (12.8 kilometers per liter) would cost $1,500 annually for the same amount of driving annually.

So you can make the calculation easily. As you can see hybrid cars are both  beneficial for our pockets and environment.


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