What Is A Full Hybrid Electric Car?

A full hybrid car is considered to be very unique as it is capable of running with only battery power or engine power or sometimes with both. It is also one of the best and fuel efficient models when compared to other mild hybrid vehicles. In the hybrid electric car, electric motor can be used during low speeds which make it much more efficient when compared to gas-powered engines. The mileage achieved in this vehicle is far better if you compare them with the gas engine models. Apart from these comparisons there are also other major advantages that make the hybrid electric cars good for driving.

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The most important advantage of using the hybrid electric car is it provides less air pollution than other cars and the greenhouse gas emission in this model is also very less. You can make a very big impact on the environment by using these electric cars. When you compare the Ford Fusion Full Hybrid car with the standard Ford Fusion model, the annual consumption of fuel is very less that comes to almost half. The government also offers great incentives in some places for purchasing the hybrids models. Toyota Prius is another popular full hybrid car that has been in the market from the 1990s and it also has a very light body. Ford Escape Hybrid is an SUV that that is known to be an exception when compared to other hybrid models.

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The batteries used in the hybrid electric car must be recharged in different ways such as regenerative braking. This is normally done when the car slows down with the help of brake pads, the regenerative brakes takes the kinetic energy produced which is usually lost during braking. The kinetic energy will be later transferred into the batteries to make electric motor run. The second option to charge the hybrid electric car batteries is when the care travels downhill, the power produced by the engine will be transferred into the batteries. If you stop the car for any reason, the electric motor as well as gasoline engine will shut off on its own without wasting the energy, but other systems will be running.

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Full hybrid cars use power from both electric motor and gasoline engines while overtaking another vehicle. In the same way while traveling at speeds over mid-range, both the engines are used by the vehicle. In these hybrid electric car, gasoline engine sends power to drive-train and the electric motor receives power through generator which is also capable of converting energy in the engine as electricity for storing into the battery. When you normally start the hybrid electric car, the engine receives power from the battery and the gasoline engine functions when the battery needs power to get charged. These models have a very unique link between its electric motor and engine that is connected to transmission. A computer is used to control the complete system operation such as to know which engine has to run at what condition that makes it a perfect vehicle for driving at city limits along with highest mileage.

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