Toyota Concept Car technology: WiTricity, wireless charging for cars

toyota concept cars

toyota concept cars

Toyota announced yesterday at a conference, that they will begin the 2014 year with some great projects, one of them is called the WiTricity.

What does WiTricity mean?

What it can be? Well, it is a wireless charging station, were only these Toyota concept cars can charge their batteries and it will also be available for a wide-spread use. At this moment, we are only talking about a project. It will be developed, after the Toyota will begin producing a large variety of environmentally friendly cars, because as you know, the upcoming year is know as the hybrid cars year.

How to charge electric cars with Witricity?

So, this project called WiTricity, is a wireless power station, where it is transferred electricity to the cars receptors, using a transmitter, which charges the battery of the car. Also, the Toyota company will have to create those charging energy transmitter and receptor tools, because it will be a great idea regarding the plug-in for the both hybrid and electric cars. It will be something like a electric station, where your car will be arranged at a line, over some marks. Under these marks, there will be the transmitter, connected to the electric source with a wire while the electric source will display, as in the case of petrol stations, the amount of fuel you are going to charge.

When it is going to be released?

The Toyota battery chargers will be updated, utilizing the best technology available. They have begun the collaboration with the WiTricity company, so we are expecting to see the first electric station and electric car using this technology at the middle of 2014. Also, Toyota will help the WiTricity to increase their sales, as they will collaborate for their first wireless charging model: the Toyota Prius Plug-in, but for further information, you will have to wait the half of the 2014. Also, WiTricity built partner or license contracts with other bigger companies in the electric sector, such as Audi, Delphi, Mitsubishi and so on. It will be very interesting to see the battle of all the companies, as they all are up to maintain a clean environment with 0 pollutions and more electric based cars.

Please have a look at the following Toyota concept wireless charging system pictures:




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