Tomahawk Dubuc is the future car that you can build in your garage

Dubuc Tomahawk future car

A new car company called Dubuc Super Light Cars , took birth recently in Canada and suggests already a model for those who like to work at some of their machines right from their homes. Dubuc Tomahawk is the first model of the recently established Canadian company: Dubuc Super Light Cars ( SLC ), a model that should cost less than 30,000 U.S. dollars when it’s ready to be unveiled in the market. But how is it possible, that a future car with the engine placed on the center to be so cheap?

Cheap Environmental Friendly Future Car

Well, the answer is simple: you must build one such car. Yes, you read it right.The new Tomahawk is a kit car, based largely on a fourth generation Chevrolet Corvette body, a car that is about to go on 30 years of existence. But it’s nothing, says those from Dubuc, because during construction, you will only use the suspension elements from the old American legend, while the chassis will be represented by a structure of aluminum and the body will be made ​​of different polymers. Owners are excited about their new creation, as they can mount any engine on the car, either it has internal combustion or electric motor, according to the SLC Dubuc.

Canadians say that the final product should be ready after 250 hours of continuous work, while the price should not exceed $ 29,000 U.S. dollars.

Here are some picture of this future car:








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