The Debate Over Electric Cars vs Gasoline Cars

Electric cars vs Gas Cars Cost

Electric cars vs Gas Cars Cost

Look at any car website today, and you will see a raging debate about whether or not the future of automobiles is here already. Millions of people are arguing about electric cars vs gas cars, and it’s starting to really divide people. The reason being is that there are a lot more hybrids and electric options than ever before. If you aren’t certain whether option is going to be best, you may want to look at a few things that could move you forward to choosing a much better solution than the old standby gas option. It’s easy to see that gasoline engines are going the way of extinction, even if some pundits won’t want to agree with that notion.

Electric cars vs Gas Cars – Fuel Economy Woes

In order to fill up a gas tank, you will need to spend a great deal of money. Not only that, the costs are not going to go down anytime soon, and people are starting to really take notice. This is driving the major debate between electric cars vs gasoline cars at the present time. You’ll find that fans of the standard engine, are talking about how far you can go on a tank of gas, but at the same time, the costs associated with that tank can easily usurp any benefit that is being garnered.

On the other hand, electric and hybrid models are not in the same wheelhouse. Hybrid solutions not only take a few minutes to fill up and charge, but they also get superior gas mileage, and even range higher. Electric cars aren’t quite on par, but with 0 emissions and their popularity rising, it’s only a matter of time before the debate starts to crumble yet again.

Maintaining The Vehicle

Another component of the electric cars vs gas cars debate is that of cost. The cost of maintaining a traditional vehicle can rise systematically over time. Engines break, oil needs changing, and transmissions start to grind, tear, and break apart. The same can be said about electric vehicles, however, they have more efficiency, break down less often, and have battery replacements that don’t need to be changed for nearly a decade.

Not only that, the manufacturers are starting to offer a lot of warranty solutions that make owning and repairing an electric easier than ever before, and cost effective too.

The Overall Costs are Starting to Shift

When you start to compare the final cost of ownership, you’ll find the electric cars vs gas cars cost debate starting to really seem interesting. The reason is that the lower cost of entry for gasoline vehicles is appealing in the short term. However, over time, the cost of ownership of any model you would purchase today will rise systematically, into the double or even triple the cost that you initially pay. Meanwhile, electrical solutions will stay steady for years and will reflect lower overall cost in the same 10 year period. The same can be said about a good hybrid. In the end, gasoline is finite, and will eventually force drivers to switch, guaranteed. 

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