The Pros And Cons Of Electric Cars

pros and cons of electric cars

pros and cons of electric cars

In the world of depleting oil reserves, the electric cars are selling like hot cakes. Due to their environmental friendly nature everyone seems to be all praises for these cars. However, the question which is on the minds of the people is that are these new age cars really as good as touted? Or is it just all hype and no play? Here are some of the pros and cons of electric cars:

  • They are environment friendly: This is one of the major benefits of using electric cars. The other cars run on petrol or diesel and they also at the same time toxic emissions and fumes are released into the air. Such is not the case with the electric cars. This is why they are proven to be environment friendly vehicles.

With regards to the electric cars pros and cons they are energy efficient

With regards to the Advantages & Disadvantages of electric cars they are energy efficient. This means that the electric cars are able to save three times the fuel when compared with the conventional cars which you use. They don’t need build up. It’s possible to turn them on straight away. These cars save a large amount of fuel. The money you save out of fuel from these electric cars can be used to buy any other utility item.

  • Silence: With regards to the pros and cons of electric cars these electric cars create no explosions in the electric engine and are therefore much quieter. Many of the electric cars are even equipped with
  • Torque, driving comfort: When you drive on an electric car its electric motor is able to generate a maximum torque from standstill. In this way the acceleration will be much better and also smoother. The reason for this that the electric cars don’t have any gearbox, resulting in a very high driving comfort.

In spite of having their advantages the electric cars also they have their shortcomings too. These are as follows:

  • Expensive to maintain: In spite of their being simple to run, they are very expensive and in a way aren’t meant for the common crowd. Moreover, these cars run on lithium batteries which are very costly which need to be replaced every three to four years. Before purchasing one of these cars, it is advisable for you see if you are able to bear the cost of these cars.
  • Cannot be used for long distance travelling: With regards to the Advantages & Disadvantages of electric cars, it should be kept in mind that they cannot be used for long distance travelling. You will need to recharge your electric car at regular intervals. Also, it is very difficult for you to locate a recharge nearby in long distance journeys so this car is not advisable. You should sit down and s critically evaluate the amount you travel you are going to do before you go ahead and but this car. So, if you need to spend a lot of time on the roads then do not go for electric cars.

These are just some of the pros and cons of electric cars.

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