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Changing Technology with Electric Cars

Technology today has reached new heights. One of the important reasons of such advancement is the environment. Due to the rapid degradation of the environment and the immediate need ... Continue Reading →

Why Pluggable Hybrid Cars Might Not Be As Green As You Think?

When you think that you may be making a difference within the environment by purchasing a plug-in hybrid automobile, you may need to give your purchase a bit more thought. Plug-in ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 best luxury cars of 2013

Maybach Exelero: $8 million This car wins the top 10 luxury cars of 2013, as it was first unveiled on 27 July 1939, when Dörr & Schreck had their first announcement: “The car ... Continue Reading →

Hydrogen powered 2015 Tucson will be one of the best fuel efficient SUV cars

Knowing that there is a very small number of charging stations worldwide with being little competitive in hydrogen fuel cell cars and beside that, there is also a limited number of ... Continue Reading →

Subaru Levorg Concept, among the best 2014 sports cars

The Subaru company made a collaboration with the Japanese manufacturer “Fuji Heavy Industries” regarding the vision of the future 2014 Subaru Levorg concept, because they want ... Continue Reading →

2015 Acura MDX: Will it be one of the best luxury SUVs?

Is it really one of the best luxury SUVs in the market? The new 2014 year hasn’t begun, while the big companies, such as Acura, are talking about the 2015, which will be the third ... Continue Reading →

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda finally replaces the older brother

For us as Europeans, Barracuda hasn’t got such a resonance, but in the U.S., it is another story, as this name is a true legend. In fact, it is so well known and appreciated, that ... Continue Reading →
Ford Mustang GT USAF Thunderbirds Charity Edition

Ford Mustang GT USAF Thunderbirds Charity Edition

The object of analysis? Well, we are now talking about a special charity edition based on the Ford Mustang, which is ready to celebrate the 60 years of aviation for the crews of the ... Continue Reading →

Life Size Lego Cars: A brand new Hot rod made of LEGO pieces

As we are trying to figure out, how to build a Lego car with our pieces and I do have a great respect when it comes to people and their talent in design, but a Romanian proves that ... Continue Reading →

The new 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500

Although it was offering supercar performance at reasonable prices, the Nissan GTR was never a bargain in all the meanings of the word. 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Price However, ... Continue Reading →
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