A new Mercedes concept is here, a new test drive has been made

Mercedes concept

Mercedes concept

The sixth-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which marks 40 years of the model that Stuttgart officials describe as “the best car in the world” was officially tested today. The lines below shows the remarks made for such a car, after the test drive ended. Beside a series of teasers that have studded the online environment and had a distinguished presence at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class concept ( W222 after its internal name ) is ready to compete in the premium class, place were The European elections are evolving, such as Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Jaguar XJ, but also the Japanese Lexus LS. Each model with its strengths and weaknesses, but this test is dedicated exclusively to the new Mercedes concept, the new S-Class.

Located among the sober zone of the premium sedans, the new S-Class retains its recognizable shape, while the designers are still making the car to look no more further than the values ​​of the brand. For the first time in the history of the development, the cars body was made based on the long wheelbase version, which was derived from the standard and this can be observed visually, given the long wheelbase of 3,165 mm. If both the soft lines and fluid surfaces of the body that has the new Mercedes concept go on the “less is more” principle and continues to draw your attention without making you to stand out in gaudy fireworks, well things are changing in the front. The oversized grille and hood emblem proudly promotes a luxurious air, while the lights add a pinch of aggression. Compared to its predecessor, the new Mercedes S-Class boasts a drag coefficient of about 0.24, presumably because the hands that drew and modeled the car body was controlled by a mind that has not forgotten the drag coefficient of 0.22, which was printed onto the Mercedes-Benz CLA body.

The key of the concept remains the elegance and if it were to find an equivalent among musical instruments, the new S -Class would undoubtedly be a Steinway piano that instead of strings, keyboard and sounding board received integrated circuit, video cameras, sensors and LEDs. But you are going to talk about it at the right time.

Now, for a further pleasant moment, please take a look at this beauty:

Photos from promotor.ro

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