New Mazda Concept Cars: The 2013 Mazda3 G120

New Mazda Concept Cars: The 2013 Mazda3 G120

New Mazda Concept Cars: The 2013 Mazda3 G120

Mazda 3 G120

The younger sister of Mazda6 showed us that the bet for the SKYACTIV technology is a winning one even in the compact class. And the Zoom-Zoom feeling should give a moment of thinking to the Germans especially, because this version of the engine, which on the paper seems disappointing, has some terrible aces in the good meaning of the word, once it is tried at its limits. The new Mazda concept car looks insanely good in the right color and the special ” Red Soul ” paint deserves its 510 euros. Because the car looks like a compact Ferrari hatchback, or, if we are keep the proportions, as an Alfa Romeo with another logo. The design is the first advantage of the car, especially because, as in the case of its older sister Mazda6, though the Mazda3 should look effeminate because of so many curves, it succeeds liberate enough masculinity, thanks to both the impressive front image and the aggressive posture. I know that everyone has eyes to see and judge, but because of the fact that Mazda3 seems the hatchback version of Mazda6, it is likely to attract firstly the Japanese fans, who understand better what that means, when they are talking about the Japanese KODO design.

I will now venture to say it’s the best-looking compact class, but honestly, I really want you to show me a hatchback from this segment that looks more exciting than Mazda3. Unfortunately, as with the older sister, much of the effect is lost if you opt for a dark color of the body. I suggest the Japanese to remove from the list those shades and to suggest the customers to choose only those living colors, which are more entertaining! Otherwise, it’s a pity and the Mazda3 will not be so bright. Also, those who want to comment something about the compact class as it is seeking robustness (especially for the German one, I do not give names), I will answer that newer compact class is dominated by a younger audience that does not require both space and poise offered by the mid-range cars or the polyvalent nature of crossover and SUVs. I am referring to the amateur public couple, who puts great emphasis on the gadgets or how does the car look. Also, I can say that Mazda3 looks very good. Ok, let’s say we eliminate subjectivity, so that we are totally objective: Mazda3 looks great. It’s obvious, right?


If you aren’t convinced, please take a look at some Mazda concept car pictures:

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