The new Ford Focus ST car concept

Ford Focus ST car concept

Ford Focus ST car concept

The top version of the Ford Focus wears proudly the ST logo and those who want a hot hatch that combines the best sportsmanship and good character have a very interesting offer available. Further more, you can see the advantages of the new Ford Focus ST. Now, about the Ford Focus hatchback version, the opinions are divided on the look: the front of the car looks calm, with shapes that doesn’t take the car out and end with a long strange side that isn’t considered too showy.

The top version of the Focus ST should change this perception, but it does not evolve so much as it has to. The air of the both front grille and bumper of the car prints as being aggressive, but the Focus ST remains somehow gentle, with a spectacular effect due to the very bright orange color.

At the rear, the taillights attention is diverted from disposal to an implausible shape, but it isn’t too discreet with the contour of the rear spoiler. Again, I can’t say that the visual effect will give back this car to the NFS fans, because all the color is being ” blamed ” for magnetism. What may be a minus – who chooses the unpretentious color, this does not attract attention onto the Focus ST … Especially now that the three-door body option has disappeared, leaving the place for the break version.

So Focus ST, with its five-door could easily be considered by mistake as being banal family model. Inside of the hot hatch from Ford, it uses the same recipe as other hot hatch on the market: small changes, but with the effect of the basic model. However, the car captures very good quality board material, which is translated into a good soundproofing. On the other hand, the appearance of buttons ( a little more of them and some a little smaller ) counterbalances the general impression and stays grounded in the nature of a normal car. This happens when the fans smartphones will remain disappointed by the lack of a touch screen, replaced by two small displays, with less ergonomic to use. ” Abnormal ” are the touches of sportiness: the Recaro seats are very comfortable and well shaped; the steering wheel has a good grip, although initially I tend to consider them too big and unsuitable for the sporting environment, while the grid printing gear lever knob with a metal feeling.

All of these are supplied with the small analog gauges on the dash with the turbine pressure on the middle and that’s because the Focus ST has a turbocharged engine.

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