A new luxury car: Mercedes Benz Cla 2014, the prince of the compact class

Mercedes Benz Cla 2014
Mercedes Benz Cla 2014

Mercedes Benz CLA 2014

After the first test was made with the new compact Mercedes Benz Cla 2014, it’s time to see how it behaves the younger brother for the Mercedes- Benz CLS on the roads ahead. More details further.

A test drive was made with the new Mercedes Benz Cla 2014, which was official unveiled at the end of this year and it takes a place into the new 2014 luxury car hierarchy. A car that was named the “baby CLS” has lots of similarities with his older brother in the family: the Mercedes-Benz-CLS sedan. And just like the big Mercedes-Benz CLS, the new CLA was thrown into the car market “jungle” with one goal: to make money. Judging by its looks, the success seems guaranteed for the small four-door coupe based on the A- Class hatchback, so this can be seen at any time. I must say that I like the looks of Mercedes-Benz CLA. Yes, the front looks very much like its brother, the A-Class, but in the back of the car, it shape remember about the first sedans, so it gained in my personal catalog, a lot of points.

Competitors for this car?
Here, the new CLA reveals his ace in the hole, because – at least temporarily – it has no direct competitor. What would be the reason? The Germans call it “the compact four-door coupe”, so you should get used to that, though it has four doors, it is actually a coupe. Yes, I know  that it’s weird, but that’s the power of marketing. Besides the roof line, the feeling of coupe is also given by the frameless doors and windows. Even Borat would say that it’s “very nice”. Of course, judging by the size and number of doors, the Audi A3 sedan could come in the same ring with this compact star in the forehead, but it is sufficient a look on each side of the cars design to realize that, in fact, the two cars have nothing to share.

If you have ever walked into the last generation of Mercedes-Benz A-Class, then this will not get you any surprise when you climb behind the wheel of the new CLA. Just as the front of the car is very similar between the two compact cars ( we are talking about the same platform ), so the interiors are drawn as they were copied from one and pasted to the other. Which is not really bad at all. The materials are of good quality and the whole interior has a design reminiscent of a spacecraft drawn with crayons as a child. I think that the only criticism goes to the front panel display from the center console, which gives you the impression that it was a late idea of the designers and engineers, but also to plastics in the knees that are too strong.

Also, for more pictures of this little beauty, Mercedes Benz Cla 2014, take a look above:



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