How to make the new BMW 6 Series modified look like a real shark

2014 sports car

BMW 6 Series “Bullshark” by Vilner

The Bulgarian tuner Vilner, has recently modified the new BMW 6 Series Coupe 2014 sports car and the Bullshark name fits perfectly as a new creation because it captures the idea of ​​a lego type car. See below how it looks like. The new BMW 6 Series, codenamed E63, comes from the Bangle design era, for some BMW fans being a revolutionary design, for the others, an inconsistent car with the spirit of the Bavarians. The tuners from Vilner want to customize this controversial model so, because they would like to attract the sympathy of anyone who associates the 6 Series with a shark. The name of the car is car is Bullshark ( bull shark ), which is one of the most dangerous sharks. Unlike other tuning projects that appeal to various ornaments such as aerodynamic or aesthetic, the Bulgarians wanted to change the look of the car intensively, so the result looks like a completely different car. The first surprise we find it in the front and if “the look” of the car seems somehow familiar, this is due to “the transplant” of headlights from the Infiniti FX SUV. At the same time, “the kidney” grille received a more refined form, together with the original design of the front bumper giving it a new identity to the supercar.

The back was also changed aesthetic, having more curves “attractive” than a normal 6 Series, while the front wings were garnished with an ornament, which imitates the slots of the old racing cars. At the inside, we notice significant changes from specially designed seat upholstery ( taken from the M6 version ) to the wheel with a new shape and custom signs. Obviously, we could not miss the special plate that constantly reminds the driver who was responsible for the customization of the car. Things did not ended here, as the car benefits from a technical tuning, from another collaborator, AC Schnitzer: the V8 engine power increased from 333hp to 370hp, while applying a new soft to the central unit. The car is now “wearing” a new set of Z Performance 19 inch wheels. Also, Vilner offers a personalized travel bag in the colors and materials used for the interior. The only unknown of the Bullshark model is the official price that you have to pay, if it looks interesting to you and of course if you want to show off with an “ original shark “.

Please take a look at the pictures of the modified BMW 6 series, Bullshark below:



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