Life Size Lego Cars: A brand new Hot rod made of LEGO pieces

Hot rod made of LEGO pieces

As we are trying to figure out, how to build a Lego car with our pieces and I do have a great respect when it comes to people and their talent in design, but a Romanian proves that interesting things happen in other domains: he constructed a brand new Hot rod made of LEGO pieces. It seems to be one of the top hot rods which is among the compressed air cars.

What can you build with Lego?

#SuperAwesomeMicroProject has begun materialized when Steve Sammartino – an entrepreneur and marketer from Melbourne, Australia – met Raul Oaida, a young 20 years old Romanian on the internet, who claims himself as being ” a passionate for business , science and technology “.

“Building with Lego” story

The story about the Lego hot rod is especially interesting as Steve Sammartino was able to obtain funds for the project completion after single post on Twitter, where at least 40 investors have funded their brilliant Lego life size car idea. This is an outstanding compressed air car.

The prototype received the configuration of a hot rod and was built entirely from 500,000 LEGO pieces, except the wheels and gears behind them. Also, the interesting part is the compressed air propulsion system of the hot rod, obtained by four rotary engines incorporating a total of 256 cylinders. The car was built in Romania and delivered later in a secret location in Melbourne, where it is fully functional and can reach a top speed of between 20 – 30 km / h. Also, if we caught your curiosity, below you can find a photo gallery.

Here is a video of this excellent work:




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