The new Land Rover Electric Defender, environmentally friendly car model

Land Rover Electric Defender

Land Rover Electric Defender

Land Rover manufacturer has officially unveiled its new environmentally friendly car model a few months ago, the new Land Rover Electric Defender, at the Geneva Motor Show. Since this is their first electric model, it was also tested for the Eden Project in England, where it was used as a four-carriage road train and it also had a lot of visitors.

The new Land Rover Electric Defender environmentally friendly car was built on the same base like its older brother, the fabulous off-road, so it proved once again that it can be remarkably effective ( as a test shows ), because even the car is electric, it can pull up to 12 tons on an remarkable 6% incline. Also, the range of the car reaches 50 miles, with an extreme reserve of 12 mile, which is enough for all the necessities at this time. Even better, it can operate for almost 8 hours without interruption, if it is used and lower speeds.

Electric motor and battery

The Land Rover Electric Defender has gained approximately100 kg than its older brother, because he hasn’t got anymore the engine, exhaust, gearbox, radiator and also the fuel tank. The big batteries took place of the engine, while the electric motor can be found into the existing transmission tunnel. Also, the car can settle up to 27kWh, so it reaches a higher value than the Nissan Leaf EV, but also, it has a lower range because of its weight and dimensions. This car isn’t used for quick jobs, as it can’t reach high speeds, but it can be used for hard works such as moving procedures.

The car batteries are lithium-ion, so that this is the main reason for its doubled range. Also, it has a much better stability and weight circulation, because these were also improved, to lower the costs of the replacing parts and time. The cars electric motor generates 94hp at a torque of about 243 Nm and can be charged for only £2.00 during the night.

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