Jeep Grand Cherokee delivered Juventus players’ SUVs before Christmas

Juventus Torino receives Grand Cherokee Jeep

Grand Cherokee Jeep

After Real Madrid soccer team players were awarded with a lot of Audi models, the time came for Italian players from Juventus to receive each one a four-wheeled gift before the winter holidays. Both players from the Juventus football team and the Italian people in the management group, received one brand-new Grand Cherokee Jeep before the Christmas holidays. How a nice Christmas present, isn’t it?

With a total of 27  Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV models, with the facelift painted white and black, also with the same colors as the team, were sent to the group led by Antonio Conte. It is more than anything a PR exercise which should contribute positively to the sales figures of the American car manufacturer controlled by Fiat. Although, this comes after the players of Real Madrid received the German car manufacturer, Audi, also the new model, painted white.

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