How Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid Car Works?

The all new Volkswagen XL1 is a plug-in diesel hybrid model that is available as a two-seater. This diesel hybrid car has been powered by a 0.8-liter direct-injected engine that is capable of producing 48 hp and it also features turbocharged 2-cylinder diesel engine. The motor has been placed in between the 7-speed direct shift gearbox dual-clutch automatic transmission and the engine. It is also said to have an all-electric range of about 31 miles according to the company and the lithium-ion battery pack used in this model with 5.5-kilowatt-hour can be plugged to an electric grid for charging. The diesel hybrid car is expected to provide 138 mpg after the battery gets depleted and functioning like a hybrid.
volkswagen xl1
Both electric motor and TDI is capable of providing a torque of about 103 lb-ft. The diesel hybrid car is only few inches taller than the pavement with 153 inches long and 45 inches tall. The seat of the passenger has been staggered by around 6 inches behind the driver’s seat and they are able to slide as well as recline. It has been built with CFRP or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic along with aluminum as well as magnesium crash structures. The start button is used to light up the instruments and the engine doesn’t switch on just like other plug-in hybrid car. It has flat-bottomed steering wheel on the dash that is almost similar to the one used in the BMW i3 models. The diesel engine gets started only when the powered required and it sounds just like a motorboat engine.
volkswagen xl1
The Volkswagen XL1 is capable of reaching from 0-62 mph in about 12.7 seconds. The car is expected to travel around 60 mph with the help of just 8.4 hp of power. The diesel hybrid car doesn’t come with conventional door mirrors and rear window that helps to increase the aerodynamic drag in this vehicle. There are video cameras placed in the place of mirrors over the gull-wing doors that is able to transmit pictures on the rectangular screens located in the front of inside door panels. For a diesel hybrid car, the tires are too skinny that are perfect for driving in city conditions. This model is said to be very efficient for city drive in the European countries.
volkswagen xl1
This diesel hybrid car has got a very aerodynamically optimized design that is able to give very low drag coefficient that is around 0.19. The car can be operated with electricity by selecting the mode and TDI engine will be declutched from its wheels. The diesel engine can be used in case the batteries start to lose their charge level that is almost similar to the Chevrolet Volt gasoline engine. The Volkswagen XL1 diesel hybrid car is one of the efficient production models that have been developed with optimized aerodynamics. The overall weight of this car is below 2,000 lbs which is very important to meet the present crash safety requirements. The paint job on the exterior of this model is 50 percent lighter when compared to other vehicles that feature carbon-fiber paint.

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