A Ferrari Concept Car – Ferrari Casco Rosso, a possible successor to the F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari concept

The well-known designer, Dejan Hristov, who has accustomed us with concepts that wear the BMW logo, recently comes out at the ramp with a study design that can be interpreted as a possible successor to the current Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

The new Ferrari Concept car, Casco Rosso is a virtual concept designed by the macedonian Dejan Hristov, the same man who brought us the design studies for both BMW Rapp and BMW M2 convertible. This time, however, Hristov has chosen the Prancing Horse and as he says, was inspired by the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO to create a virtual successor to the current F12 Berlinetta. The designer says that he just wanted to celebrate the anniversary of 50 years of cease production regarding the 250 GTO model and designed a modern version of it, a futuristic car that holds the title of ” the most expensive car in the world “. In Hristov’s vision, the new Ferrari Casco Rosso concept could benefit from a front-engine combined with an electric propulsion system, which develops much more power, at a lower consumption and higher standards.

Here are some photos of the Ferrari Casco Rosso:

















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