Falken Ziex ze950 Review – All-Season Radial Tire

Falken ziex ze950 review


The awesome range of tires by Falken for any kind of vehicles are available since 1983 when OHTSU Rubber & Tire introduced them as the high performance tire brand to the world. Ever since then Falken has maintained a holistic approach to offer the superior quality tires through a steadfast focus on innovative production, marketing, and quality. The company has demonstrated technological innovation in all its endeavors and have proven to have high capabilities. Today we are going to write about Falken Ziex ze950 Review.

With Ziex ZE950 All-Season tire, Falken has utilized the latest technology and design to offer outstanding tires that can give confidence to the drivers of any kind of sedan, sports cars or crossover vehicles. They promise to give better mileage and high performance in any kind of terrain or weather. This trust comes from the exclusive Dynamic Range Technology (DRT) in the all new silica tread compound and asymmetric tread design. It gives a consistent performance whether you are a regular city user or an adventure seeker in sandy, dry, wet, icy or snowy grounds. It has a strong hold on ground and ability to attain the speed your vehicle is capable of.

Here in this short and crisp Falken ziex ze950 review, we bring forth all the feature of this tire and how it rates in comparison to its contemporaries.

Read along to make a wise and informed purchase.

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Features of Falken Ziex Ze950

Dynamic Range Technology(DRT) for strong tires

Falken ziex ze950 DRTFalken has pioneered the highly innovative and widely accepted DRT technology that allows the tire rubber to maintain its
elasticity even at low temperatures. The Silica tread compound is used to manufacture the tire thatimproves the tire’s grip on wet and icy roads. Unlike the tires of other brands, the Falken Ziex Ze950 tire does develop splits or shows any cracks in dry and rough conditions. The chemical compound does not break up thus maintaining its strength when the rubber heats up due to hot conditions and fast driving.


3D Canyon Sipe enforcing tight grip on road

Falken Ziex Ze950The Canyon Sipe technology provides wider edges that are a must for better grip on roads especially if you are travelling through an icy or snowy track. It also enhances the braking capability of tires for better maneuver on icy roads. So, while you are riding on Falken Ziex ze950 you will be protected against accidents and skids.



Tactically Placed Tread slots

Falken - Wide-Angled-TreadThe Falken engineering team has designed the tire in a way that the tread blocks are provided at a perfect gap from each other to provide a quiet and smooth ride. The wide angle between these tread blocks allows the snow to be packed in the center rather than on sides for better grip that definitely ensures your and your dear ones’ safety.



Wide circumferential grooves

WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVESThese wide grooves on the circumference of the tire relinquish the water from the tire quickly and ensure the tires do not skid on wet roads. The Ziex Ze950 tires are marked M+S by Rubber manufacturer’s association which means that the tires are approved to run on mud and light snow giving you no hassles at all.



Superior and reliable Construction

The Ziex Ze950 is an all-terrain tire that has a robust built. The tire is reinforced with two steel belts that provides the much needed strength to the tire. The tire is made with 3-core dura spec sidewall technology that ensures that the tire maintains the stability on rough off-road conditions. In order to make sure that the tire runs well on even low air pressure, extra traction is provided by the upper sidewall.

Sculptured Groove Wall

Falken Sculptured Groove WallThe wall carvings of the grooves provide much better grip on icy roads and stop the wandering of rain water from the tire.

Vast Size Range

ZE950 tire is available in hundred different sizes ranging from 15 Inches to 20 Inches of rim diameter. If we talk about the speed ratings, you have the options of W, V and H speed ratings to choose from.


Falken ziex ze950 review


  • Stable driving in all weather conditions.
  • Better handling on severe road conditions
  • Smooth steering response
  • Firm gripping on all road types
  • Even wearing of tread
  • Enhanced stability on high speed
  • Tread warranty up to 65000 miles.


  • Some users reported little noise on rough roads.


  • Tire Weight: 23.8 pounds
  • Dimensions of Tire: 25.4 x 25.4 x 9.3 inches
  • Tread wear indicator: Yes
  • Construction Type: Radial
  • Section Width: 235mm
  • Speed Rating: W
  • Rim Size: 17 Inches

Falken ziex ze950 review

Customer Score

The Falken Ziex ze950 radial tire has got 3.9 scores out of 5.0 and out of 13 Amazon users, more than 62% have given 5.0 rating.

Around 80% users have posted optimistic comments about the Ze950 and really appreciated the concept of Dynamic range and the canyon sipe technologies for better handling and stability on sever and icy roads in any given weather conditions. The users also appreciated the wide angled tread slots and solid construction of the tire.

Some users found the road sound a bit irritating while some have pointed out traction breaking while taking a turn at high speed.

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Falken Recommendations on buying new tires

  • While replacing a tire, always make sure the speed rating of the new tire is not less than the old tire. The speed rating can either be same and more than the old tire.
  • While buying a new tire, do consider your driving needs and refer to tire’s specifications to match your requirement. For example, if you’re an aggressive driver you must buy a high performance tire.
  • Do not mix the tires with different speed ratings since doing so will not only limit the overall speed to lowest rated tire but will also pose unbalanced handling and steering experience.

Important: “To enhance the life of tire, get the alignment and balancing of tire, maintain the recommended air pressure and carry out periodic wheel rotation

Final words

Your search for a good performance, highly trustworthy and long lasting tire ends up at Falken Ziex ze950. This radial tire is good for any kind of surface and for any kind of adventure. Get this much appreciated and from our Falken ziex ze950 review to make your outings trouble free and memorable. Do read Amazon buyers’ reviews from this link and feedback to learn more about this tire.

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