F1 in Schools competition, Team Blaze’s experiences.

F1 in Schools Team Blaze Logo

Before I talk about my experiences and hopes in the F1 in Schools competition, as Team Blaze, I ought to explain what it is. In a very brief way F1 in Schools is an international competition which involves students designing, building and racing a 30cm long COpowered racing car.  If you want to get involved look at these instructions. The competition takes place over three events: Regional, National and International Finals, with the winners from each going on to the next round. However, this only describes part of the event. The actual competition involves much more than just making a car and team as it helps one to learn new things and discover skills.

F1 in Schools car

The car from the team I was in a few years ago.

My current team consists of four members, of which two were in a different team which competed a few years ago. My job in my old team could not have been more different from my current duties, as I was dealing with the design and manufacturing of the car and ignored publicity marketing leaving these things to the member of the team doing them. The team dynamic seemed work as I was doing Design and Technology GCSE and so was suited for the job. The team did work and we realised that the roles were decently suited to us. We came fifth in our local regional finals. However, when we came to start a new team, as half of the team had decided not to continue, we realised it was an odd team.

As I, was thinking of doing humanities at university, but would be doing the engineering whereas our team engineer was going to be doing publicity and marketing even though he wants to become an engineer. This, we realised, was not going to help us much in the future. By swapping these roles we discovered that we could actually do many more things than we thought we could do. I learnt that, although I was the one team member who did not use any social media myself, I could handle it and even do well managing it. This development of skills, not because we want to win, is why we do the competition.

CAD of F1 in Schools car

The design for the car we made a few years ago

The actual events of the F1 in Schools competition is also great as it give people a chance to network with other interested people and to see what ideas other teams have come up with to solve various problems. I remember from when I last competed seeing the rather ingenious jig designed by one team.  This enabled the milling of their rather interestingly carrot shaped car. I also learnt from seeing so many great logos that outsourcing design was a good thing to do and have outsourced our very own logo. This means I have learnt how to approach someone professionally.

F1 in Schools Team Blaze Logo I have talked about how great F1 in Schools is without mentioning my team. Hopefully I have shown you that this competition is very useful, but wanting to compete is not enough. To be able to take part in the competition, we must raise sponsorship to fund the manufacture of our car and other things necessary for our success in the competition. 

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