Electric & Hybrid American Pickup Trucks

hybrid american trucks

The majority of people believe that electric and hybrid systems are relatively new forms of technology, when in fact hybrid technology has actually been around a very long time. You might not think this because manufacturers have only recently started seriously taking these forms of technology into consideration.

Hybrid technology is already being included within many modern vehicles. Electric vehicles are also gaining more of the overall car market and this technology is even being implemented with vehicles such as pickup trucks. American pickup truck vehicles, with hybrid and electric parts, will help these vehicles in particular to obtain better mileage and even save consumers thousands of dollars on fuel.

In this article, we will be providing you with some great information about this hybrid technology and how it is going to have an impact on the market in the upcoming future.

Hybrid Technology will Save Fuel for Pickup Trucks

First, let’s define a hybrid and electric engine. A hybrid engine uses two or more engines. One engine is electric and the other is a fossil fuel based motor. An electric motor uses one engine, however it runs off of electricity powered by fuel cells.

When auto manufacturers started to create hybrid vehicles, they used this technology for passenger vehicles. They then moved from passenger vehicles for families to larger vehicles that are used for transportation, fleets and supply. Currently, only certain American pickup truck models have this particular technology. However, many automakers are trying to include this technology as a standard feature within most of the newer pickup trucks.

Hybrid and electric technology has many benefits. The main thing is that this science will help people to save money, as well as protect the environment. Fossil fuel based technologies are not being phased out any time soon. However, they are being integrated with hybrid and electric technology. The pickup truck market is among the best in the U.S and can be expected to keep gain more new technology in the future. In particular, pickup truck consumers can expect to see more of this technology on newer models hitting the market by 2020.

hybrid pickup trucks mileage advantage

Advantages of Hybrid and Electric Motors in Pickup Trucks

There are a long list of advantages of hybrid and electric motors in pickup trucks and here are just a few of the many:

  • This technology is environmentally friendly. The units save on fuel and this means that there are less emissions burning in the air.
  • Consumers can save thousands of dollars in fuel cost over the life of the vehicle.
  • Helps Americans to be less dependent on foreign fuel sources.
  • Regenerative braking system is included within this technology. This simply means that a battery is recharged every time a driver brakes the vehicle.
  • Hybrid and electric pickup vehicles are built with a lighter design which helps the vehicles to use less fuel.
  • Pickup trucks with electric and hybrid technology will have a higher resale value.

How should Hybrid and Electric Technology be Included in Vehicles

Hybrid and electric technology is often built up by manufacturers when the frame and motor of a vehicle is being formed. People can also include an electric conversion kit for their pickup trucks. This can be done by adding the extra electric motor into the vehicle simply by plugging it into the back of the trunk and directly into the wheels or the drive shaft.

What Mileage is Possible with a Hybrid or Electric Motor?

The mileage that a pickup truck can save with a hybrid or electric motor will vary by manufacturer. However there are some federal vehicle standards that all motor companies must meet. Trucks are expected to reach at least 35 miles in an hour with fuel saving standards. As well as that, many electric and hybrid motors can help a pickup vehicle to reach 40 mph which is above the standard.

Pickup truck manufacturers will have to overcome some problems with implementing this technology in vehicles. Some of the biggest hindrances includes expense, less power than fossil fuel based vehicles, higher maintenance costs and the danger associated with a fuel cell battery in the unit. Manufactures can create a pickup truck with this technology but will have to make some adjustments in power and other areas. Ultimately, the market is ready for hybrid and electric motor pickup trucks. They will become a common vehicle on the road within the next 10 years.

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