Do Electric Cars Save Money?

Charging Unit

Electric Cars and Budget

While gas prices are growing sharply, most stimulating question that has been asked is “how much does it cost to charge an electric car?” and also “Is it really help to save money?”.  Comparing each of electric cars, the one that is prominent is Chevrolet Volt 2016. By generating its own electric, Volt is able to go approximately 400 km and this is the maximum distance for now compared to other electric cars. Of course, that mileage will be increased in a few years.

Chevrolet Volt 2016

Need Time to Become Spreaded

People who are middle-aged and old-aged are differ from us but they started to utilize from developing technology too so, they helped electric cars to be spread easily towards all people from different age groups. Not much, about 20 years ago, who could think, believe that one day there will be electric cars and they will be charged by plugging in.

Through spreading technology, technology is used in every part of our lives and become indispensable. Due that spreading technology, the electric cars would be accepted more normally, daily. It just needs some time and more users. As electric cars start to preferred more, they will be become more useful.

Are Electric Cars Really Useful?

In last few years, diesel cars have become more economic compared to cars working with gas and they are working almost excellent. This shows that there would be competition between diesel and electric cars, not with the cars working with gas. Car companies also comparing their electric cars with the diesel ones. For the drivers, most important question is how they are going to charge their cars. Car companies can create a charging unit for an extra pay but it is not efficient and easy enough because it is not possible to go for long distances. It is hard to find a place to charge electric car everywhere and every time needed and it is limiting people, so this shows that they are not really useful.

Electric Car

Let’s explain a little bit more for you to make it more understandable. It is not enough to just buy an electric car. First, you have to buy charging unit and after that it should be assembled. Depending on how much distance you will go the monthly prices of charging unit changes. For example, it costs about $84 to completely fill the depot but it is enough $1.8 to charge the electric car for once. While electric car is able to go 200 km, a diesel car is able to go about 1000 km. It looks funny at the first look but when the price of charging unit and cost subscription paid for charging unit, totally it is more economic to have a diesel car compared to electric car but in a short term by increasing usage of electric cars, this balance would be changed inversely and electric cars would become much more economic.

Everything depends on how much they are preferred. It is a economy’s certain fact that the prices of things that are preferred too much becomes less and less. Thus, electric cars do not really help to save money for now but we should not forget that they are eco-friendly.

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