Ford 5.4 liter V-8 SOHC engine

The V-8: Will it Outlast Smaller More Economical/Reliable Engines?

As some wonder, will the beast (V-8 Engine) that has been around for many, many years last longer and possibly be more reliable than the much smaller V-6, 4 cylinder, Electric, and ... Continue Reading →
hybrid american trucks

Electric & Hybrid American Pickup Trucks

The majority of people believe that electric and hybrid systems are relatively new forms of technology, when in fact hybrid technology has actually been around a very long time. You ... Continue Reading →
alternative fuel types

Alternative Fuel Types Currently Available on the Market

There are many other alternative fuel that we can use to power vehicles while reducing harmful emissions in place of the not-as environmentally friendly options of natural gas and propane. ... Continue Reading →

CARS that are Eco-Friendly yet Fun to Drive

As its clear now that electric cars and hybrid cars are the next BIG thing in the automotive industry, almost all car manufacturers are working upon such concepts. As a result it’s ... Continue Reading →

Why Cold Weather Affect Gas Electric Hybrid Cars?

Most of the people have lot of questions about hybrid cars and one of the main concerns is its performance during cold weather. The gas electric hybrid cars are available with electric ... Continue Reading →

Why Hybrid Cars Have High Insurance Premium?

There is lot of questions that comes in mind while purchasing the hybrid cars and one of them is the insurance. Most of the people consider that the insurance paid for the hybrid cars ... Continue Reading →

Why You Need To Buy Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars have been increasing in numbers year by year. Most of the people want to purchase hybrid car models due to various reasons. The mileage of these models has been increasing ... Continue Reading →

What Is A Full Hybrid Electric Car?

A full hybrid car is considered to be very unique as it is capable of running with only battery power or engine power or sometimes with both. It is also one of the best and fuel efficient ... Continue Reading →
Cost of hybrid cars

Willing To Buy A Hybrid? How to get lowest cost of Hybrid Cars?

The standard hybrid car price is about $25,000 USD Believe it or not, there are more than a few hybrid cars which cost is under a conventional gas car but you will have a longer performance ... Continue Reading →
Cost To Charge A Hybrid Car

What’s The Cost To Charge A Hybrid Car?

Doing the math about charging a hybrid car costs is a very smart information When you are planning to buy a hybrid car you are maybe making a very crucial decision. So, it is good ... Continue Reading →
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