Buying A Used Car? Here’s How to Avoid Buying a Lemon

Buying a used car is exciting and financially-responsible. A used car buyer saves thousands over their vehicle’s original MSRP, and well-maintained vehicles are available on the market. Finding these well-maintained vehicles, however, can prove challenging.

With online car-buying platforms driving more private party vehicle sales each year, it has become increasingly difficult to find trustworthy sellers offering high-quality vehicles. Stories of used car buyers devastated by unforeseen mechanical problems are all too common. A car is a substantial investment, and buyers deserve the right to know the details about the vehicle they’re purchasing.

That’s why a vehicle pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is a used car buyer’s best friend—by providing an in-depth look at a car’s mechanical and cosmetic condition, a pre-purchase inspection empowers the buyer to make an educated choice about their purchase. Pre-purchase inspections are conducted by factory-certified automotive technicians with years of experience in the field, and high-quality PPIs provide buyers with an easy-to-read report that documents all findings and repair estimates.

For about $100, a pre-purchase inspection can save a used car buyer from thousands of dollars in repair bills in the future. The market for pre-purchase inspections has evolved, too—numerous mobile PPI services allow used car buyers to connect with experienced mechanics for on-site inspections. Getting an expert, third-party opinion on a vehicle purchase has never been easier, even for buyers purchasing remotely.

So don’t find yourself stuck with a lemon—make sure you get an expert pre-purchase inspection from an experienced mechanic before your next used vehicle purchase. Armed with the opinion of a master technician, you’ll feel confident about bringing home your newest ride.

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