Best Mileage Electric Car – Mahindra e2o


In India, the electric cars have not yet taken off in a big way like the other traditional cars. Electric cars are costlier to buy and maintain. They offer limited speed and features, which most people look for in a car when they wish to buy one. Another major reason for the low popularity for the electric cars is their lower mileages. However, as the technology is changing for the better, more and more advanced features are introduced in the electric cars and better mileage is one of them.

Mahindra e2o carries the distinction of being India’s only pure electric car. Manufactured by the Indian automobile giant Mahindra and Mahindra, this car is slowly catching up as an ideal city car. Here is a snap shot of the car with special emphasis on its mileage.


Mahindra e2o Price – Very often, the car buyers make their choice based on the price of the car. The Mahindra e2o has found itself a bit unfavourably positioned in this parameter because its price is slightly on the higher side. Sold for a price ranging between 5.96 to 7.19 lakh rupees, the e2o has to fight it out with the hatchbacks and sedans run on traditional fuel, available for prices lower than this and with far more features.

Mahindra e2o Key Features – Although it cannot be termed as a feature rich car, the e2o comes with some attractive features. The ‘My Car Infotainment System’ in the car allows you to check the car’s performance, battery status and the subsequent distance you can cover based on your current charge level. Likewise, the Quick2Charge Technology helps you to charge the battery in an hour. E20 Mobile App enables you to turn the A/C on from anywhere, lock the car and check car status from anywhere. The car is available in several attractive colours such as Artic Silver, Coral Blue, Eco Green, Oceanic White, Spanish Red and Sunfire Yellow.

Mahindra e2o Mileage – One of the major put-offs of the electric cars is their low mileage. A single charge cannot take you over much distance. However, the e2o offers better mileages as it covers a distance of 120 km in a single charge. This makes it an ideal city car with compact body and easy parking possibilities.

The major advantages of owning Mahindra e2o are:

  • Highly eco-friendly
  • Great for daily commuting in the city
  • Distinctive looks

However, the car has some drawbacks like:

  • High price
  • Battery life needs improvement
  • After-sale service take on:

In short, the Mahindra e2o is the most eco-friendly and pocket-friendly electric car in India with fine gadgets and ever-improving mileages. Moreover, as the need of the hour is to turn to eco-friendly vehicles, e2o is the best and only choice.

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