Basic Information on Electric Cars – New automobile revolution

information on electric cars

information on electric cars

Electric cars are one of the topics which are ringing since a very long time. There are several reasons for interest in this topic. First reason is they are environment friendly as they use electricity instead of gasoline they produce less pollution. Another is depleting non-renewable resources.

The thought of an electric car amazes us as it gives a first thought of how an electric car works, is an electric sports car possible, will I be able to replace my gasoline engine with an electric one? There seems to be no difference in the electric cars when seen from outside but the difference starts with the engine, which has an electric motor instead of diesel or petrol engine. The electric motor receives power from a controlling unit which draws power from an array of powerful rechargeable batteries. The electric cars are a wiring product.

History of electric cars

First successful attempt to make an electric car was done in 1988 by German Flocken Elektrowagen. The clutch was removed and the gear was pinned at second gear. Electric controlling unit was used to control the electric AC motor engine. All the connections were made to the electric motor. Vacuum pump was used for power brakes, earlier the vacuum was used from the gasoline pumps only to apply the brakes. As the clutch system was removed thus it was replaced by automatic transmission system. A charger was attached to charge the array of batteries and an electric water heater was added to ensure heat in the system.

Performance: Even after saving the environment and being very useful if the performance of the car is not good, people will not consider it as an option. The car range is around 100 km and runs from 0-60km in 15 seconds. After every 100 km it needs a charge and they can run successfully from four to five years. These batteries weigh 500 kg approximately. The electric cars are definitely cheaper than the gasoline cars but there are few things that can be irritating as charging the car every now and then. Charging takes time whereas refilling fuel takes no time. Replacement of batteries can be hectic as well in every 4-5 years.

Everything about Electric Car charging system

Any electric system either runs on electricity or works on batteries and thus there is a need to charge these batteries. Jon Mauney’s has two electric car charging systems. One with 120 volt and the other with 240 volt. 120 volt system takes 8-10 hours to charge, while 240 volt charging technique takes 4-5 hours to charge. The batteries can be charged with normal household electricity.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Process

Converting a car into an electric car needs to install all the system in the car. The person doing it has a lot of battery options. First can be lead-acid battery, golf-cart batteries, high performance sealed batteries etc. 2014 will see many conversions as this will become one of the trending technologies in the market. Electric cars are now the new future of automobile technology if it has a cheaper option of conversion like gas to electric car conversion.

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