Are there any hybrid pickup trucks available in the market?

GMC Sierra 1500 hybrid pickup truck

As car market and technology develops, we started to see many hybrid and electric car models. Most of the car companies started to release their new hybrid and electric models. Also they are competing in to create the best mileage cars. But we all see normal, family size, small, SUV or sports hybrid cars in the market. So there comes a question into our minds. Are there any hybrid pickup truck available in the market? Nearly all companies have hybrid car models but what about hybrid pickup trucks?

I researched this over internet and i came up with a few new releases and only DIY hybrid pickup projects. I could only find a few hybrid pickup truck reviews. Also we can only find some concepts about them. But there is not a clear timeframe for them to be released. 

GMC 2013 Sierra 1500 Hybrid Pickup Truck Review

GMC Sierra 1500 hybrid pickup truck

GMC‘s hybrid pickup truck 2013 Sierra 1500 Hybrid is one of the results when you search over google for the term hybrid pickup trucks. When it comes to pickups, mpg is a little bit problem as you carry heavy loads, the vehicle will consume more gas than conventional cars. With hybrid engine technology of Sierra 1500, it gives fuel conservation without any power compromise. It has 6.0L V8 engine with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) that can produce 332 HP and 367 lb-ft of torque. 

What about fuel economy of Sierra 1500 hybrid pickup truck?

GMC claims that it is the most advanced full size pickup available in the mark, that combines both gas and electric power to provide the best power. It is stated that, on the highway, Sierra Hybrid has an EPA-estimated 23 MPG. That shows us %33 increase in fuel economy compared to the GMC’s most efficient gas only Sierra model. It is not among the best gas mileage cars but has a decent gas conversation. It has “Active Fuel Management” system, that uses V8 6.0L engine very effectively both conserving fuel and giving enough power. When less power is needed, this system shifts from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders temporarily. When you will need more power and step and the gas, Advanced Fuel Management system uses all 8 cylinders to give you maximum power. So with this system, you don’t sacrifice any power or other truck capabilities but get gas mileage advantages. Also it has a fuel efficiency gauge which gives you feedback on how efficiently you use your hybrid pickup truck.

GMC Sierra 1500 hybrid pickup truck

Also it has a great technology within, besides being in good gas mileage cars and powerful truck. It has a 2 mode engine system which you can operate the gas engine power alone or combine electric power and engine together. When you need power with heavy loads, higher speeds or in other circumstances, V8 engine engages to give the desired power. Also it has a good battery power with built in 300 Volt Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and it is located under the back seat so it doesn’t effect cargo space and passager capacity of truck. Unlike the conventional hybrid cars, this hybrid pickup truck charges its battery with regenerative braking which uses the motors in hybrid transmission to decelerate the vehicle by applying resistance in the motors instead of brake friction. So with this function motors captures energy as electric to use it for further needs of acceleration.

GMC Sierra 1500 hybrid pickup truck 3

Also it has a pretty good interior like a luxury car, equipped with rear vision camera, 7″ Navigation system, Bose premium sound system and built in Bluetooth technology for hands free calling or operation.

One more hybrid pickup truck: VIA VTRUX

Here is more interesting news that may attract you. VIA motors company has a model called VTRUX which  uses electric to drive the first 40 miles. Yes it is a 100 percent electric pickup truck that can be driven up to 40 miles, which is stated as “The Worlds First Extended-Range Electric Truck”. 

VIA VTRUX hybrid pickup truck

It has eREV powertrain technology provides light trucks and SUVs to drive up to 40 miles with only electric, near  zero emissions. It has a full range of 300 miles and  more than 100 mpg in typical average daily driving. This electric supported hybrid truck performs same as or better than gas versions. If you drive 40 miles in a day then you will only use electric power. For ex if you drive 60 miles, then you will go 40 miles with battery power and 20 miles with the help of range extender. Over 40 miles, still VTRUX has a better gas consumption efficiency compared to the gas only models. It will generate its own electricity while driving so it can reach up 400 miles or more for longer distances.

VIA VTRUX hybrid pickup truck 2

You can charge the batteries with standard outlet or with 240 volts charge in half the time. Driving in all electric will cost around 5 cents per mile, so it is perfect for your economy. For more info you can visit the official site.

Other Hybrid Pickup Truck models and news

Infact there are only 2 models appear on the market as a hybrid truck. One is GMC 2013 Sierra 1500 the other one is VIA motors VTRUX.

Ford and Toyota decided to go alone with their hybrid manufacturing journeys. They were joint in 2011 to develop hybrid engine technologies together, especially to use in light-duty pickups and SUVS. But in 2013 they decided to cancel this collaboration and develop their own hybrid system individually. Toyota stated that they offer 18 different hybrid models by the end of 2015 and Ford company is on development of rear wheel drive hybrid system to use on Ford hybrid pickups and SUVs.

Most of the people which interested in pickups will know about F-150 of Ford’s famous pickup model. Ford confirmed that they will produce a hybrid F-150 and put on sale on 2020, like about 5 years later. It is a little bit late for a hybrid pickup truck isn’t it? In 2020 i am sure that we can see many cars powered by only electricity.

It is said that GMC and Chevrolet won’t continue to produce hybrid pickup trucks for the 2014. As i searched over google and i couldn’t find any new hybrid pickup models except VIA motors. It seems that VIA motors will dominate the hybrid pickup industry by eRev technology and continues to improve their hybrid and electric motor innovations.

VIA motors continues to produce green pickup trucks as they showed their 2014 VIA Chevy Silverado plug-in hybrid pickup at LA Auto Show:

Well hybrid pickup industry is not in motion as other daily used hybrid and electric car models, i think companies don’t give much importance on hybrids and all-electrics to create good gas mileage cars, especially pickups.

What do you think about todays pickup truck mpgs? Would you prefer a hybrid pickup truck? Please comment below and if you want to contribute to this post please contact us.

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