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Range Rover

The Germans from Arden tuning are not happy, as it seems, regarding the power developed by the new Range Rover and its 5.0 liter petrol engine, so they raised their sleeves and squeezed another 100 horsepower from the British propeller.

The new Range Rover has a special prestige for the German rivals, that they can only dream of. Moreover, with the 5.0 liter petrol engine, the British SUV can embarrass many luxury car companies which people think are “sporty”. But it seems that some of them are very hard to please, because otherwise we can not explain why the Germans from Arden have brought to market a kit that raises the power to 650 hp from the massive V8 engine, which mean an extra 140 hp. Still not enough? Then you must know that the torque increased with about 120 Nm, reaching 745 Nm, while the maximum speed ( still limited ) increased to 260 km / h. Gorgeous! The Arden did not say how long it can reach 100 km / h with the new improved heart of the SUV, but it really does not matter, because it’s scary enough to know that you can reach 260 km / h in a car that weighs over two tons.

For more pictures, let’s have a look at this beast:






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