Hydrogen powered 2015 Tucson will be one of the best fuel efficient SUV cars

2015 Hyundai Tucson, best fuel efficient SUV

Knowing that there is a very small number of charging stations worldwide with being little competitive in hydrogen fuel cell cars and beside that, there is also a limited number of markets, where you can benefit of it, the new 2015 Hyundai Tucson was unveiled at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, where it was the only hydrogen fuel cell powered car. As it uses hydrogen as a fuel, it is expected to be one of the best fuel efficient SUV cars in the world. It will arrive in showrooms all over the world in the spring of 2014. Being the first car that uses a fuel cell hydrogen and will be among the best mileage cars, we now for sure that the Hyundai company will begin the development of other such concepts.

World’s First Mass Production Fuel Cell Vehicle

Also, new Hyundai Tucson took the title of the World’s First Mass-Produced Fuel Cell Vehicle. From now on, starting with 2014, the car will be produced in Korea, specifically in Ulsan, where is the regular assembly line, of course, under the strict supervision of the Hyundai manufacturer. Also, Tucson will experience from minor changes applied for both interior and exterior of the car, such as the modified radiator grille, redesigned headlights and front bumper, fog lights and a new pair of alloy wheels. Another surprise comes from the new technology that the car will be equipped with, so we are talking about a Flex Steer system, which will allow you to choose your type of driving style:Normal, Comfort or Sport mode.

How does this hydrogen fuel cell car work?

This new Hyundai comes with a propulsion system, which makes modular stack, whose purpose is to transform hydrogen into electricity, while burning the hydrogen fuel cells. Also, the stack fills a lithium-ion battery buffer, which has the role of raising the vehicle engine. With this type of technology, the new Hyundai model engine will have an amount of 134 hp, while it goes from 0 to 60 mph is about 12.5 seconds.

About mileage – Is it the best fuel efficient SUV really?

Also, with a fuel of hydrogen ( which means about 12 pounds ), the FCEV has a range of 594 km ( about 369 miles ) and a consumption of 71 mpg, while it takes 10 minutes to charge the fuel cell, making it undefeated in its sector. So with 71 mpg it will be considered among the good gas mileage cars. As you know, a battery takes several hours to be charged completely! Of course, there is a problem: there aren’t enough stations, where you can recharge you car with hydrogen, as there are 10 stations worldwide and 9 of them are located in California.

For more pictures of upcoming best fuel efficient SUV –  2015 Hyundai Tucson hydrogen pictures:

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