2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda finally replaces the older brother

2015 SRT Dodge Barracuda

2015 SRT Dodge Barracuda

For us as Europeans, Barracuda hasn’t got such a resonance, but in the U.S., it is another story, as this name is a true legend. In fact, it is so well known and appreciated, that Dodge would want to use it again instead of Challenger. In the opinion Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s chief designer, Dodge Challenger and lived its life and ate its cornmeal, so in the near future, its place will be taken by another modern muscle car, named SRT Dodge Barracuda. If you’re a fan of the industry from the other side of the Atlantic, you should feel a chill up on your spine on hearing this name: four decades ago, a big company called their model the same and it was devouring Mustangs and Chevy Camaro for breakfast.

2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda expected specs

That car could be equipped with V8 engines up to 7.2 liters displacement, but the new Barracuda will have to censor this part: according to the same Gilles, the technical architecture will be used for several Alfa Romeo models, with rear wheel drive ( probably one of them will be the successor of 167 ). Therefore, the efficiency will be on first place.


How will be the Exterior parts of 2015 SRT?

Returning to the ‘Cuda, it will have strong competition starting with the year 2015, so that both Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are up to an exchange of generations. The Sports of the Blue Oval will get finally an independent rear axle, while the bolide of the ” background ” will boast the technical architecture of Cadillac ATS; in consequence, the Dodge model will have to be so damn good. For now on, the technical details remain secret, but almost certainly we will talk about a V8 coupe and a rear wheel drive, while the weight of the muscle car will be significantly diminished, since the current Challenger is exceedingly big ( it measures over five meters length ). However, the new technical platform, designed to replace the current architecture of Chrysler 300/Dodge Charger/Dodge Challenger will be the smallest, so it will contribute greatly to the fulfillment of what I was talking before.

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